I am inspired and influenced by visual opposites: the clean lines of mid-century design and rough tribal art, Art Deco elements and raw and primitive gestural marks. Also in the mix is an attraction to two-dimensional icons and occult symbols, rustic chapels, and altars. I work to piece together a satisfying union of these visual influences that makes sense and feels calm. Another important aspect of my work is conducting deep investigations into color and exploring its dynamic power to affect emotion. In my mind and soul the foundational question I'm asking is this: How do our life trials and callings, silent communions with the Self and inspirations, separations and unions pave a way for facing chaos and arriving at understanding and revelation?

I often begin my paintings with a scribbled question that needs to be answered or mantra that I want to manifest. I use lines and arcs to reveal connections and flow, map other dimensions with odd angles and faux 3-D, or extend rays and washes off the edge of the canvas to indicate incoming and outgoing energy. I employ seemingly religious symbols because, when coupled with sincere meditation, they can act as doorways to illumination. Sometimes my compositions feel jerry-rigged or like a long built-upon place of worship or gathering. A final work may resemble a strange, alchemical device, an abstract chapel, a prayer rug, or a crude sailing vessel--all of which share the common end-goal of transmutation. 


I've lived in Colorado almost my entire life, and have been a maker in Denver since 1996. The friendly and supportive atmosphere for artists in this city has definitely been formative for my career. I don't have a formal art background and I think this has served me well. I initially approached painting with few rules and expectations and a huge openness to experimentation. For many years I painted on whatever I could find--vintage windows, lumber scraps and boards from discarded art crates--fueled by not only the urge to make, but also the thrill that people connected to my work. I finally graduated to painting on stretched canvas in the last few years after working with an inspiring interior designer. My paintings and prints are now included in private and corporate collections all over the world. 

Denver Designer Showhouse, Denver, CO
Amsterdam Kimpton - Prints for "Corridors" project

Artwork Network - "Entice" Group Show, Denver, CO
Denver Designer Show House, Denver, CO
Space Gallery - 11 Year Retrospective Group Show, Denver, CO
BANG! - The Beyond is Nearest at Hand*, Denver, CO
Rebel Salon - Holding it Together *, Denver, CO
Fashion Denver - My Crooked House*, Denver, CO
Metropolis - Small Symmetries*, Denver, CO
BANG! - Return to Truth*, Denver, CO
Denver CORE - group show, Denver, CO
Carol Mier Fashion - Untitled*, Denver, CO
Metropolis - Balancing Act*, Denver, CO
VAIN - Gather, Assemble, Nest, Depart*, Denver, CO
Cafe Karma - Untitled*, Denver, CO
BANG! - Precarious Balances *, Denver, CO
Mario’s Double Daughter - Afloat*, Denver, CO
VAIN - Fancy, Wavy, Golden*, Denver, CO
New Denver Civic Theater Gallery - Light & Milky*, Denver, CO
CORE - The Abstract Show (Juried Show), Denver, CO
Hairspray - Songs in the Ether*, Denver, CO
Space Gallery - Aiming for the Seam, Denver, CO
Revoluciones Collective Art Space - Head Rest, Denver, CO
Rattlebrain Theater Gallery - Acts of Devotion*, Denver, CO
Forest Room 5 - Jazz Licks, Denver, CO
Chance Operations Gallery - (Group Show), Denver, CO
Rattlebrain Theater Gallery - Moon’s Jest*, Denver, CO
Space Gallery - Strung up after the Circus, Denver, CO
23rd Avenue Sculpture Gallery - Group Show, Denver, CO
Arts on Vine - New Visions Through Old Windows*, Denver, CO
Soulsciety Collective Art Space - Group Show, Denver, CO
Revoluciones Collective Art Space - Group Show, Denver, CO

University of Colorado, Denver
Art Students League, Denver

Saatchi Art (2016): The Year in Art: Best of 2016
Saatchi Art (2016): Inside the Studio
Saatchi Art (2016): Fall Catalog
Luxe Interiors (2016)
Luxe Interiors (2013)

Behance (2012)
SharksEatMeat (2012)
ZeroMile (2010)
Image Magazine (2008)

Commissions for private clients including:
Cleveland Pinecrest (for Kalisher)
Suites on Third, Champaign IL (for Metropolitan Gallery, TX)
VAIN Salon, Denver CO

Rattlebrain Theater, Denver CO
BANG Restaurant, Denver CO

2006-Present - Art related projects and classroom volunteer: Stanley British Primary School, Bromwell Elementary School, Denver Cooperative Preschool, St. Louis Catholic School

Lenah Deney Silent Auction, PBS, Lukemia / Lymphoma, PACE, Denver Cooperative Preschool, Habitat for Humanity, ArtReach Denver, Bromwell Elementary