I am inspired and influenced by visual opposites: the clean lines of mid-century design and rough tribal art, hard-edged geometric textiles and raw and primitive gestural marks. And while I’m not religious, also in the mix is this attraction to two-dimensional icons and occult symbols, rustic chapels, and altars. I work to achieve a satisfying union of these visual influences that makes sense and lands quiet.

I begin most of my paintings with asemic writing that describes a thought, question or state, then map the scrawls and initial chaos with color, hard-edge shapes, and schematic-like linework. While working to resolve what I've started, an abstract narrative arises that guides the multilayered process to completion. It could take three days or a few months to finish. What I find very important is the way in which color influences the emotional aspect of what’s happening on the canvas. I spend a lot of time coloring and recoloring shapes and areas until the dynamics between all the elements within the picture plane come together and an essence arises.

I search for titles to my pieces in personal journals, within poetry, and in the writings of authors I admire. The titling of each piece is really the final touch as it enables me to put a few words to the process and come full circle with more understanding of what my work is about.


I've been living and making art in Denver, Colorado since 1999. I made my first paintings on thick shards of glass from a shattered pastry case--the glass “canvas” my first teacher as it allowed for extensive experimentation. I continued working on other found surfaces such as vintage windows and lumber scraps and boards from discarded art crates. I finally graduated to painting on stretched canvas in the last few years after working closely with an inspiring interior designer.

Before painting, I sewed hats and record bags made from upholstery remnants for local DJs. As a young child I was entranced by my grandmother's quilt making--an obvious influence with the joining of hard-edged shapes and a rhythmic use of color. I'm quite math-minded and am constantly drawn to organize and understand the obscure that I hope forever eludes me.

Denver Designer Showhouse, Denver, CO
Amsterdam Kimpton - Prints for "Corridors" project

Artwork Network - "Entice" Group Show, Denver, CO
Denver Designer Show House, Denver, CO
Space Gallery - 11 Year Retrospective Group Show, Denver, CO
BANG! - The Beyond is Nearest at Hand*, Denver, CO
Rebel Salon - Holding it Together *, Denver, CO
Fashion Denver - My Crooked House*, Denver, CO
Metropolis - Small Symmetries*, Denver, CO
BANG! - Return to Truth*, Denver, CO
Denver CORE - group show, Denver, CO
Carol Mier Fashion - Untitled*, Denver, CO
Metropolis - Balancing Act*, Denver, CO
VAIN - Gather, Assemble, Nest, Depart*, Denver, CO
Cafe Karma - Untitled*, Denver, CO
BANG! - Precarious Balances *, Denver, CO
Mario’s Double Daughter - Afloat*, Denver, CO
VAIN - Fancy, Wavy, Golden*, Denver, CO
New Denver Civic Theater Gallery - Light & Milky*, Denver, CO
CORE - The Abstract Show (Juried Show), Denver, CO
Hairspray - Songs in the Ether*, Denver, CO
Space Gallery - Aiming for the Seam, Denver, CO
Revoluciones Collective Art Space - Head Rest, Denver, CO
Rattlebrain Theater Gallery - Acts of Devotion*, Denver, CO
Forest Room 5 - Jazz Licks, Denver, CO
Chance Operations Gallery - (Group Show), Denver, CO
Rattlebrain Theater Gallery - Moon’s Jest*, Denver, CO
Space Gallery - Strung up after the Circus, Denver, CO
23rd Avenue Sculpture Gallery - Group Show, Denver, CO
Arts on Vine - New Visions Through Old Windows*, Denver, CO
Soulsciety Collective Art Space - Group Show, Denver, CO
Revoluciones Collective Art Space - Group Show, Denver, CO

2002 - Hugo Anderson Studio
2001 - Art Students League
1998 – BA University of Colorado, Denver

Saatchi Art (2016): The Year in Art: Best of 2016
Saatchi Art (2016): Inside the Studio
Saatchi Art (2016): Fall Catalog
Luxe Interiors (2016)
Luxe Interiors (2013)

Behance (2012)
SharksEatMeat (2012)
ZeroMile (2010)
Image Magazine (2008)

Commissions for private clients including:
Suites on Third, Champaign IL
VAIN Salon, Denver CO

Rattlebrain Theater, Denver CO
BANG Restaurant, Denver CO

2006-Present - Art related projects and classroom volunteer: Stanley British Primary School, Bromwell Elementary School, Denver Cooperative Preschool, St. Louis Catholic School

Lenah Deney Silent Auction, PBS, Lukemia / Lymphoma, PACE, Denver Cooperative Preschool, Habitat for Humanity, ArtReach Denver, Bromwell Elementary