I am inspired and influenced by visual opposites: the clean lines of mid-century design and rough tribal art, hard-edged geometric textiles and raw and primitive gestural marks. And while I’m not religious, also in the mix is this attraction to two-dimensional icons and occult symbols, rustic chapels, and altars. I work to piece together and achieve a satisfying union of these visual influences that makes sense and lands quiet.

The major themes that inform my work include connections and transformation. I am very interested in the ways in which we are changed in relationships—from the most surface encounters to deeply intimate and profound spiritual experiences with other humans, as well as within our own life trials and callings.

These themes show up in my process as I spend a lot of time coloring and re-coloring shapes and areas because each change in color causes a shift in the overall dynamic of the composition as a whole. I keep fine tuning the colors and shapes until the relationships between all the elements come together and a definite, clear essence arises. I often use lines and arcs to indicate connections and flow. Sometimes a final painting may resemble a strange, alchemical device, or a pieced together chapel or a crude sailing vessel. At times I use seemingly religious symbols because in their purest purpose, they can be doorways to illumination.


I've been living and making art in Denver, Colorado since 1999. I made my first paintings on thick shards of glass from a shattered pastry case--the glass “canvas” my first teacher as it allowed for extensive experimentation. I continued working on other found surfaces such as vintage windows and lumber scraps and boards from discarded art crates. I finally graduated to painting on stretched canvas in the last few years after working closely with an inspiring interior designer.

Before painting, I sewed hats and record bags made from upholstery remnants for local DJs. As a young child I was entranced by my grandmother's quilt making--an obvious influence with the joining of hard-edged shapes and a rhythmic use of color. I'm quite math-minded and am constantly drawn to organize and understand the obscure that I hope forever eludes me.

Denver Designer Showhouse, Denver, CO
Amsterdam Kimpton - Prints for "Corridors" project

Artwork Network - "Entice" Group Show, Denver, CO
Denver Designer Show House, Denver, CO
Space Gallery - 11 Year Retrospective Group Show, Denver, CO
BANG! - The Beyond is Nearest at Hand*, Denver, CO
Rebel Salon - Holding it Together *, Denver, CO
Fashion Denver - My Crooked House*, Denver, CO
Metropolis - Small Symmetries*, Denver, CO
BANG! - Return to Truth*, Denver, CO
Denver CORE - group show, Denver, CO
Carol Mier Fashion - Untitled*, Denver, CO
Metropolis - Balancing Act*, Denver, CO
VAIN - Gather, Assemble, Nest, Depart*, Denver, CO
Cafe Karma - Untitled*, Denver, CO
BANG! - Precarious Balances *, Denver, CO
Mario’s Double Daughter - Afloat*, Denver, CO
VAIN - Fancy, Wavy, Golden*, Denver, CO
New Denver Civic Theater Gallery - Light & Milky*, Denver, CO
CORE - The Abstract Show (Juried Show), Denver, CO
Hairspray - Songs in the Ether*, Denver, CO
Space Gallery - Aiming for the Seam, Denver, CO
Revoluciones Collective Art Space - Head Rest, Denver, CO
Rattlebrain Theater Gallery - Acts of Devotion*, Denver, CO
Forest Room 5 - Jazz Licks, Denver, CO
Chance Operations Gallery - (Group Show), Denver, CO
Rattlebrain Theater Gallery - Moon’s Jest*, Denver, CO
Space Gallery - Strung up after the Circus, Denver, CO
23rd Avenue Sculpture Gallery - Group Show, Denver, CO
Arts on Vine - New Visions Through Old Windows*, Denver, CO
Soulsciety Collective Art Space - Group Show, Denver, CO
Revoluciones Collective Art Space - Group Show, Denver, CO

2002 - Hugo Anderson Studio
2001 - Art Students League
1998 – BA University of Colorado, Denver

Saatchi Art (2016): The Year in Art: Best of 2016
Saatchi Art (2016): Inside the Studio
Saatchi Art (2016): Fall Catalog
Luxe Interiors (2016)
Luxe Interiors (2013)

Behance (2012)
SharksEatMeat (2012)
ZeroMile (2010)
Image Magazine (2008)

Commissions for private clients including:
Suites on Third, Champaign IL
VAIN Salon, Denver CO

Rattlebrain Theater, Denver CO
BANG Restaurant, Denver CO

2006-Present - Art related projects and classroom volunteer: Stanley British Primary School, Bromwell Elementary School, Denver Cooperative Preschool, St. Louis Catholic School

Lenah Deney Silent Auction, PBS, Lukemia / Lymphoma, PACE, Denver Cooperative Preschool, Habitat for Humanity, ArtReach Denver, Bromwell Elementary