paper collage

Fall 2011 by Alyson Khan

Here are some of my newest collages incorporating highly textured wallpapers:

Spring 2011 by Alyson Khan

Santa Fe - 2009 by Alyson Khan

This format of the 4 x 7 inch canvas is very satisfying to work on right now. It is fun and the pieces are affordable. I am loving working with all kinds of papers--wallpaper, foils, book pages, found papers, etc...I have been using more cutting tools besides the scissors. It is challenging to work in the small area...some of these are definitely blueprints for larger works in the future.

Radical Departure by Alyson Khan

HeartsMy previous collages had strong towers, well-balanced, albeit precariously, but balanced, and calm nested birds. Mostly horizontal and vertical lines... Come in Radical Departure...suddenly the birds have wings, are un-nested, and the towers are gone--in their place are jagged "branches" and freaky towers that are about to topple. There are sharp points lining a lot of the horizontal landings--making them un-landable. Triangles and diagonals.

I know it is a reflection of the changes happening within my being. More freedom. More trust in life. It is always this way. The studio is the mirror...maybe that's why it's so hard to go in there sometimes.

-Alyson Khan