wood assemblage

On the verge of… by Alyson Khan

I am not sure what I am supposed to do in this world other than make things with things. Seriously.

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Half awake in a dream by Alyson Khan

I amall the way awake each day. So aware of how the system-structure-it’s-just-what-you-do “reality” Does not fit. Not me Not my children

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Wood assemblages featured on ARTSERVED by Alyson Khan

I am honored and stoked that my wood assemblage project is featured on ARTSERVED, a site that curates work from "leading creatives on Behance."

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Dutch Auction @ Space Gallery by Alyson Khan


This assemblage will be available at the Dutch Auction at Space Gallery in Denver celebrating 11 years in business. Tickets cost $20/ticket or $30/pair. Entry includes 1st chance to bid, open bar, appetizers & entertainment. Proceeds go toward the build of the new Space Gallery at 4th & Santa Fe.

RSVP to events@spacegallery.org

Friday, July 13th
7 to 11 PM

EXHIBITION RUNS : July 13th - July 27th


Roll-offs, rectangles, and reverence by Alyson Khan

Artist Alyson Khan writes about her new routine of climbing into roll-offs to hunt for wood scraps for her assemblage pieces.

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New work in the woodworks by Alyson Khan

Here are some early photos of work in progress. I am working on "wood collages" made from lumber off-cuts salvaged from builder sites around the city. It's the next step. Getting more dimensional and larger in scale. [slideshow]